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Doepfer MCV4 MIDI to CV interface editor in Max

A little Max patch for changing the parameters of a Doepfer MCV4 MIDI to CV interface I made a while ago. It’s not extensively tested, but seems to work so far. The user interface is in German, but I guess … Continue reading

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How I use git Part 2: Emacs integration

The strangest things happen. Once I was a GNU/Linux user who spent most of the time staring at a framebuffer console and used vim exclusively. Today I use Mac OS X and Aquamacs most of the time (although I still … Continue reading

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The Maybe monad in Coq

The Maybe monad is pretty useful whenever you’re dealing with partial functions, especially in a language like Coq (or rather Gallina if you want to be exact) which requires all functions to be total.

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