So, I got my diploma, got a job, and I got a Machinedrum UW mk2. That’s right, I had been lusting after one of these babies for quite some time now after having a non userwave mk1 model for a week or two some last year. It is limited and I am not sure whether it’s limited purely in a good way. Loading samples is a pain and you only get so many slots to put samples into. And don’t get me started on naming samples and kits. The user interface sometimes feels like something straight out of the 80s. And that’s probably one of the reasons why the Machinedrum is the king of the hill in its domain of purely digital sample playing (and synthesizing) x0x style drum machines: It gives you ideas and you get things done. What’s true of many “hardware instruments” is especially true of the Machinedrum in a way. I can certainly see why many people use one as part of their live setup. And once again it is proved that “You can create art and beauty on a computer.”

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