IMAP Push with Dovecot and K-9 Mail on Android

Having had the unfortunate experience that K-9 Mail on Android set to polling mail every 10 minutes almost caused my telephone to burn a hole in my jeans pocket I investigated the IMAP push functionality. Luckily there’s already an informative article by a fellow faced with nearly the same problem that describes how to set up a sane configuration for IMAP push using Dovecot 2. That’s all good and well, but I was still running Dovecot 1.2 on my Debian stable system. Consequently I needed to upgrade to Dovecot 2 to make the best of the situation. Luckily, this did not prove to be too big of a problem. Just add the apropriate URL from to your /etc/apt/sources.list and do what the error messages and/or warnings upon restarting the newly installed Dovecot imapd tell you (i.e., create a fresh config file that’s in line with the new options and defaults of Dovecot 2.0). So far everything works well, keeping my fingers crossed.

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