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Thunderlink on macOS

Thunderlink is a fantastically useful add-on for the Thunderbird mail user agent. It lets you create links to email that you can put into all sorts of documents (like ToDo lists or notes). The links use the URI scheme thunderlink … Continue reading

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Make Firefox play embedded MP4 videos

For some reason (at least on Mac OS X and according to a quick search also on other platforms) Firefox does not play MP4 videos embedded into websites using the <video> tag. Seems that enabling the two config options media.fragmented-mp4.enabled … Continue reading

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A course on Homotopy Type Theory

Here’s a link to a course on Homotopy Type Theory taught by Robert Harper at Carnegie Mellon. The first few lectures introduce different views of logic and compution and their relationships. Highly recommended.

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Haskell Platform on Mac OS X (with clang 5)

The workaround presented in this blog post is somewhat cleaner and I would recommend usind it instead of the hack I describe below.

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SLIME contribs quick tip

I really like to use SLIME to interact with a Lisp system like SBCL because it makes life so much more pleasent. But for some time I had the problem that my SLIME installation (done using a recent version of … Continue reading

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vim-like ctrl+v enter in Emacs

Suppose you have a list like this foo, bar, baz, quux in your Emacs buffer, but you’d rather have one element per line like this foo bar baz quux What to do? In vim this is easy: :%s/,/^M/g where ^M … Continue reading

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More Free Introductory Category Theory Video Lectures

Recently I discovered another Youtube Channel with some lectures on Category Theory. They cover only some of the basics with examples drawn mostly from topology and I do not know if the series will continue any time soon. Anyway, it’s … Continue reading

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Speeding up the startup time of Mac OS’s is very important to me as I use a lot of console based programs, so it’s very annoying if I have to wait a few seconds for it to start up. Recently, I stumbled across a helpful blog post … Continue reading

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Development environment for the STM32F4DISCOVERY board on Mac OS

This is just a quick post with information on how to get up and running with a development environment for the STM32F4DISCOVERY evaluation board which is a cheap and fun way to get started with developing software for ARM microcontrollers. … Continue reading

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Thunderbird line breaking behaviour

Because I keep forgetting which options to set to force Thunderbird to send and display line breaks instead of flowed plain text emails that may or may not come out right at the other end (usually those emails exhibit unsightly … Continue reading

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