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More Free Introductory Category Theory Video Lectures

Recently I discovered another Youtube Channel with some lectures on Category Theory. They cover only some of the basics with examples drawn mostly from topology and I do not know if the series will continue any time soon. Anyway, it’s … Continue reading

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How to draw commutative diagrams in LaTeX with TikZ

Sooner or later everyone who uses LaTeX to typeset documents containing maths will encounter the problem of how to draw commutative diagrams. There are many packages, some general purpose other specialized for the task. An excellent survey of some of … Continue reading

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Category Theory Video Lectures

Edsko de Vries of Trinity College Dublin has created a very useful overview of the series of lectures on category theory by Eugenia Cheng and Simon Willerton that has been available on Youtube for quite some time. So, if for … Continue reading

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Definition of a monad

This rather rendundant post serves as a test case for the WP LaTeX plugin. A monad on a category is given by an endofunctor  and two natural transformations: such that the following two diagrams commute:

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