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Well, some of us like to use MIDI (although like might be too strong a word to be actually true -- rather, we have to use it because we still own and use strange equipment, that is neither a plugin downloaded from the Pirate Bay nor an ultra fancy modern USB equipped piece of hardware). Recently I updated my iMac to the recent version of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard. Well, almost everything worked right away except for the braindead copy protection used by the Waldorf Edition (note to Waldorf: Do you want people to pirate your software instead of buying it? But, I digress). After exercising Logic, Live, Max and all installed plugins, I turned towards the editor side of things, namely Nomad (the free Nord Modular editor) and some proprietary apps of mine for routing and editing wavetables on the Microwave XT. Surprise: Nothing worked, all I got after trying different obvious Java and Mac things was a segfault in the Java VM, just great! So I decided to install the old Java 1.5 (32 Bit) from my previous Leopard installation and throw in the Java MIDI provider MMJ (https://www.humatic.de/htools/mmj.htm). Finally, after setting the default Java VM to 1.5 I suceeded in running my "platform independent" Java MIDI applications. Truely, a glorious day for software engineering ... ;-)

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