Snippets for LaTeX + Emacs users

I've been using Emacs to edit LaTeX for some time now, mostly resorting to AUCTeX#s keyboard commands to insert fonts, environments and some other stuff that I need in some documents. But I'm also a big fan of yasnippet, the de facto standard for inserting more or less complex templates and, well, snippets of text into an Emacs buffer. Just now I discovered that some people have already started quite a nice collection of templates ranging from fonts to matrices to whole document skeletons for LaTeX over at github. If you are not a user of AUCTeX yet and find keyboard commands hard to deal with, perhaps this could make your day. And if you are not already using Emacs, the only true text editor for complex editing duties (for quick edits, config files, editing on remote computers, etc. I still use vim religiously), then here’s another reason to switch.

BTW, the yasnippet documentation is very enlightening. For instance, I did not know that you can use the power of ELisp in your snippets to do quite amazing things automatically.