Development environment for the STM32F4DISCOVERY board on Mac OS

This is just a quick post with information on how to get up and running with a development environment for the STM32F4DISCOVERY evaluation board which is a cheap and fun way to get started with developing software for ARM microcontrollers.

First, you need to install the development toolchain. I use devkitARM. See the installation instructions for more information.

Then, you will want to install openocd, a program that lets you upload software to the development board via USB. I assume that you have homebrew installed, so I will use that to install the build requirements for openocd:

brew install libtool automake libusb libftdi

Now get the latest sources for openocd (and no, the open-ocd package that is in homebrew will not cut it because it’s an older version that lacks support for the Discovery board):

git clone git://

… and build openocd

cd openocd
./configure --enable-maintainer-mode --prefix=/opt/local --enable-stlink

Install in a reasonable place at your own discretion.

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